Reaction Implies Action; Or, Imperative: Build

In our modern democratic age, nearly everyone assumes politics to be a passive endeavor for everyone except politicians themselves. Most adopt, or have inculcated, a certain set of views and values which inform their voting patterns, maybe their social media posts, and almost nothing else. Either the country goes the way they want it to, or it doesn’t. Although nearly 60% of US voters feel the US is on the wrong track, they clearly lack the will to do anything about it, other than continue voting (in ever declining numbers) and participate in the occasional ineffectual demonstration. The large majority have withdrawn in their atomized bubbles to let come what may.

Here is where reactionaries set ourselves apart. Reaction implies action. Reactionaries are just as ineffectual as any blithering Facebook Conservakin unless we can adopt and apply the imperative to Build an effective counter-solution to the Leftist establishment which currently dominates the West. Effective implies based in traditional principles. Counter-solution implies providing alternative power structures, detached and independent from the establishment.

To Build means to construct something, or work towards constructing something, which can last, which will survive you (and is as independent from the Establishment as possible). Blogs and social media, although useful, don’t count – while the internet has its uses, it is an inherently unstable platform, as any power outage or legislation may destroy it all in an instant. Street activism, of course, also doesn’t count, also because of inherent instability. Begging people to join your group is an excellent way to have it infiltrated and perverted. Reactionaries don’t stand on corners – we build cornerstones.

Family is a no-brainer, the basic unit with which traditional societies are built. Every reactionary should be working towards finding a suitable wife (or husband) and having children. Having a family is practical and within reach for the vast majority of reactionaries. I don’t doubt but that it can be exceedingly difficult to find a suitable spouse in the modern climate but that cannot be an acceptable excuse for failing this task, for a task it surely is. The importance of family cannot be easily overstated. The family unit has a built-in resistance to progressivism. It fosters responsibility, wisdom, maturity. A strong family is a testament to one’s sagacity and strength of will.

Despite the huge importance of families, I fear they alone will not be enough to succeed in our struggle. So we must go further – and I don’t mean to simply spend all of our extra time trying to convert people to Reaction. Strive to make yourself and your family as independent as possible from the Establishment. Restrict the amount of money you send to huge corporations and chains – tithe to your local church instead. Patronize locally-owned businesses. Network with disaffected men in your area. Expand your sphere of influence. Donate time and money to improving your community. Always work to improve yourself, your family, your people.

The means through which one can work towards personal and community independence are virtually infinite. Each one of us must be our own judge, and we should judge ourselves harshly. Friends and onlookers will likely call us crazy, extremists, etc. That is nothing compared to the horrors which are in store for our descendants if we fail in our task.

Reaction is not a political label to parade around Facebook or Twitter in order to look edgy or intelligent. By assuming the banner of Reaction, you assume a lifestyle of responsibility and a lifetime of difficult work which is necessary to preserve our people and our worldview. Every skill you learn, every book you read, every dollar you keep in your community, every hour you spend building independent power structures is a step towards survival. Nothing will happen which doesn’t start at home.

3 thoughts on “Reaction Implies Action; Or, Imperative: Build

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