On Existential Threats

I’ve talked a bit about translating the ideas of Southern Reaction into real world action, which I believe is absolutely necessary to the survival of our thede. This as yet hypothetical action will necessarily be made up of both the positive – construction of alternate power structures, independent from the Leftist Establishment; and the negative – resistance to threats which pose serious obstacles to our future operational capability. It is the latter which I wish to discuss here.

What remains of the traditional South is under siege; it has been since the very moment our forefathers declared their independence from Great Britain. Indeed, from Calhoun to Fitzhugh to the Twelve Agrarians to Weaver, the Southern tradition is largely a negative one – we’ve been under so powerful a siege for so long that the vast majority of our intellectual power has been devoted to retaining rather than building. Although as a whole, our forefathers have done an admirable job in preserving our thedishness, today we find ourselves with much the same enemies they faced, manifested in ever threatening ways. We must continue the fight.

The Latino Invasion

During the period between the 2000 and 2010 censuses, it is fair to say the Latin population in the South exploded, jumping from 11.6 million to 18.2, an increase of 57%. This percentage increase was the largest for any region in the nation, and yet this figure understates the true extent of the threat. Nearly every former Confederate state’s Hispanic population increased at a rate of 90% or higher, with the sole exceptions of Florida (57%), Louisiana (78%), and Texas (41%). Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina led the nation in percentage increases over the time period, each nearing 150%!

This threat really cannot be overstated; the term invasion is no hyperbole. These people are truly alien to us and our worldview, no matter what religion they claim or what sort of work they like to do. They know it, too: they have and will continue to have no problems establishing their own isolated communities, where they practice their own brand of civilization to the detriment of ours. Further, their leaders realize that they are truly involved in a culture war, which they term bluntly a Reconquista – and as numbers from the last fifteen years would indicate, this concerted effort is not limited to the American Southwest. For anyone who doubts this, I refer you to Chapter Six of Jared Taylor’s White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century. These immigrants are unassimilable and have no intentions to become assimilable. What can be done?

Normally, I eschew becoming involved in contemporary American politics because it goes against Reactionary principles (not to mention, the game is rigged). However, an exception could be made for this, simply because it is such a huge, indeed existential, threat. Unfortunately, hardline anti-immigration politicians barely exist anymore, and the ones that say they are suck at what they do. Most of this list of luminaries presided over the huge increases noted above. Still, I suppose supporting vocally anti-immigration politicians could conceivably bear fruit. I leave the discretion to the reader.

More can be done on the local level. Don’t employ them, don’t patronize their businesses, don’t be friendly to them, don’t work with them if you can help it, (obviously) refuse to speak their language. Report or threaten to report any businesses who hire illegal workers. I am not advocating cruelty. But it really is a huge family business – incoming immigrants get the low down on promising places to locate to from family members and friends who are already here. If you and your local group of Reactionaries manage to give the impression that your town is not immigrant-friendly, I bet you will see a marked downturn in incoming vibrants.

[UPDATE: A concerned citizen has informed me that since the passing of the nation’s toughest anti-immigration law in Alabama in 2011, the total population of Latinos in that state has declined dramatically.]

The Yankee Invasion

The descendants of Sherman’s army continue to flood the South, wreaking approximately as much havoc as they did before. The flood of Yankees shows no signs of abating, as they abandon the windswept tundra they call home for the good life in the sunny South – and immediately get to work transforming their new homes into copies of their old. They have and will overtake entire communities, turning them into milquetoast strips of cheap shopping malls, copy/pasted suburbs, and urban sprawl. Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida seem to be the hardest hit, in my experience, though it’s difficult to find real numbers.

Now, I don’t mean to say every Yankee is a plague; indeed, I know several from my hometown who are excellent examples of humanity and couldn’t fit into the Southern life more perfectly. But in great numbers, they do not fail to bring cultural destruction and modernization. Unfortunately, this problem is harder to affect on the local level, or indeed on any level, short of achieving Southern independence. However, I think there are some things you can do to help. First, many prospective movers peruse sites like www.city-data.com to make the decision on where to work or live. Find your town’s forum, and – after accomplishing the difficult task of swallowing pride for your homeplace – characterize it as a crappy place to live. Or, simply one that is unfavorable – or, perhaps, dangerous – to Yankee migrants. There’s all sorts of strategies that could be used. You may even get the satisfaction of witnessing your target choose another place to live. Baby steps, after all.

A distressing trend that I have witnessed is the little Southern town attempting to make itself more attractive or palatable to migrants from other regions; doing things like putting in bike paths (what sort of Southerner rides on a paved bike path?) or “arts amphitheaters” or some such nonsense. The driving force is always to attract business, which attracts business opportunities, which attracts Yankees. While this may be good for the economy, what of the long-term effects? I want my grandchildren to grow up in the same town I did, in the same manner that I did; not in some plastic picture of chain restaurants and preppy urbanites, “business opportunities” or no. Engage your local government!

“Christian” Progressivism

Possibly the most damning symbol of the ongoing destruction of Southern culture is the rising influence of progressivism in churches throughout the South. Fortunately for us, in rural Southern communities the church still retains much of its former influence, and the traditional decentralization of Southern religion ensures all is not lost. Southern preachers, many of which in my experience are naturally reactionary but aren’t aware of the greater movement, should be a primary target for recruitment to Reaction. As a rule, this class is intelligent, well-meaning, and wield huge amounts influence within their individual communities. However, they are human, and as the Progressivist interpretation of Christianity infiltrates the more politically-minded leadership of their respective denominations, the trickle-down effect will undoubtedly poison individual churches.

Reaction can provide a counterweight to that. This avenue will require more of a decentralized approach, as preachers will be naturally skeptical of any outside top-down approach. I recommend individual reactionaries sitting down with preachers that they know personally, talking frankly with them, describing how Reaction is both theologically sound, socially healthy, and counters the rampant degeneracy which preachers are particularly interested in combating. There are many quality sites that could help you out in this area – I recommend Faith and Heritage, Christianity and RacePro-Western Christianity, and the ever-insightful Bruce Charlton.

It should go without saying that we should not attend or tithe to churches that are swept up in the Progressive interpretation of Christianity.

Alternative Education

I regard public education as basically a lost cause, although mine was relatively enlightening and picturesque by modern standards. Homeschooling and private schooling are the places for the children of the Reactionary, if possible. The days of non-public education are, in all likelihood, numbered, but it won’t be for awhile yet, and we should endeavor to prolong the life as much as possible. This is most certainly an existential threat; no matter what sort of learning a child is subjected to in the home, a public education ensures, with ~99.99% accuracy, that he will come out at age 18 a dyed in the wool Progressive, to regard his Reactionary family members as crazy people to be ashamed of, or worse. Such is the evil of the public education; we must ensure the escape valve remains open, or, in all likelihood, all is lost.

Most of the country has seen little or no rumblings, as of yet, to ban or restrict alternative education. However, California has experienced some pressure in this area for the past few years; I don’t doubt but that in time, the Powers That Be will follow the example of Germany, decide that no parents are qualified to teach children in that state, and the downhill snowball effect of Leftism will spread the same sentiment over the rest of the country. For the time being, however, it appears we are safe in this area. However, Reactionaries should be on guard against any encroachments on alternative education, and prepare to take action on a local or state level when it becomes necessary, for it surely will.

[UPDATE: Thought I would add this piece of nonsense from 2013, a sneak peek into the future of Public Consensus on the private school question. H/T Tamara, @LibertarianSass]

Country Music

It may sound silly to classify a musical genre as an existential threat, but I believe it is, especially in the long run. Country music, once the hallmark of Southern culture, has been utterly and completely co-opted by the Leftist establishment. This is highly damaging because it is a primary method through which young Southerners like to signal their Southerness – therefore, whatever the country music flavor of the day is preaching is going to be associated with defining Southerness in the minds of these young people. Moneyed, progressive American interests are now in control of the genre, which regularly churns out cultural marxist faggotry masquerading as representative of Southern, or at least rural, people. They dress like queers, they rap, they worship gays, they preach the merits of universalization, they glad-hand with black thugs and reappropriate Southern symbols. Mainstream country music, in short, is waging war on the Southern worldview; it is in the service of the enemy.

Luckily, there are organic (as opposed to manufactured) country music artists still out there today. While these aren’t consciously reactionary, because they are outside of the Nashville establishment they can’t help but do a better job of representing the Southern worldview. Saving Country Music, a non-political site, does a pretty good job of promoting these organic artists and attacking the manufactured, calculated filth which calls itself country music nowadays. Don’t give mainstream country music any more of your time or money; instead, foster the production of genuine, grassroots country music. Or, pull a David Allen Coe and make a reactionary country album. That’d be cool.

I’d love to hear recommendations, criticisms, success stories, fail stories, etc. from y’all in the comments section. We all stand to learn a lot from one another.


10 thoughts on “On Existential Threats

  1. I’d have to say that the Yankee invasion is the worst. It’s these people who support the Mexican invasion and all the other ills we have come to loathe. They’re also the one’s who constantly agitate for a Leftist form of government. Getting rid of them is the key to solving all the other political/social problems we have. Or at least 90% of them.

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    • Good points by Hamp and Mr. Owen. Unfortunately, those are two areas where Reactionaries on the ground can do very little. We need only focus our energies on what we can control, and put our faith in God for the rest.


  2. Great piece.
    It’s a damned shame what country music has become. I guess that’s what happens when Viacom and major labels control the output of a genre.
    Being outnumbered by low-info TV consumers, the best we can do is rear our families to the best of our ability, stay involved in local matters, and keep our faith in God.

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  5. As an Englishman, albeit one who briefly lived in Texas, I’m about as divorced from SRx as you are from NRx as you describe in another post. As an outsider I agree that the spirit of Southern identity has better resisted the atomisation of the United States. This can only be encouraging for the future.

    While SRx may be of limited relevance outside of the South, this post and your other post Reaction Implies Reaction are solid gold and useful to reactionaries of all stripes. I particularly admire the clear written voice you use to tackle such complex ideas as these. The internet is long on moralising and philosophising, but short on practical, real world advice for the many disaffected young men out there desperate from some direction.

    The need for separation, on many levels, is clear. Separation physically, spiritually, morally and financially. There is no place left for us to retreat to, and nor should we wish to, so we must do what I term ‘separate in place’. Return to the land, and while it may notionally belong to the government, we increasingly divorce ourselves from them.

    I would venture that at its most fundamental level we just need land and the men to work it and defend it. With faith, everything else will follow from that.


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