Reviving Southern Agrarianism Pt. 2

“The Earth is good, bountifully sends food and increase; if man’s unwisdom did not intervene and forbid.” – Thomas Carlyle

In my last post I outlined how the Southern identity is necessarily agrarian, and how our previously established society was succumbing to Yankee pioneering spirit. Now I will discuss some ideas I have for strengthening our agrarian spirit today, and hopefully increasing its lifespan beyond that of our Leftist society.

We are currently much too marginalized to affect any large-scale societal change, certainly not in the Right direction. I should hope that this fact is blatantly obvious. Some would resort to Leftist tactics such as activism to try to increase our influence, but down this road lies failure; Leftism is a stubborn thing, and once introduced tends to expand uncontrollably. Regardless, any Rightist movement that becomes even a whisper of a threat to the current establishment would almost certainly be crushed or subverted. Here’s my plan, humbly submitted for your approval:

Step One: Accept Responsibility

The sickness of modern society encourages placing 100% of any blame on your opponents, while declaring yourself or your group innocent. Resist this temptation; acknowledge that we are part of the problem. Even the oldest of us have not escaped the destructive influence of modernity and its legion of manifestations. Not so! says you. Perhaps, but likely not. Nowadays, if you subscribe to satellite TV, surf Youtube occasionally, or whatever, you are contributing in a small way to the problem of modernity. I’m not asking you to become a Luddite, but accepting responsibility for our actions is the first step to overcoming any Leftist obstacle. Continue to watch TV, but once you are aware of its influence, you will watch it a little more carefully. Acknowledging the logs in our own eyes frees us to more carefully consider our future actions.

Step Two: Work on Yourself

Now that we are looking at ourselves in a critical manner, we can more easily determine where we, as individuals, are going wrong. Work and pray to overcome your deficiencies, always holding yourself to the highest standard. We are all sinners, and none can hope to live perfectly; the striving is what matters here. We are laying a strong foundation from which we can build a lasting structure, though this step should never end. To stop striving towards perfection is to start sliding towards destruction.

Step Three: Consider your Sphere of Influence

If you’re doing Step Two correctly, you’ll never be completely satisfied with yourself, though eventually you will have to exert influence on your fellow man if you want to save him. Christians withdrawing into themselves is part of the reason why society is in the state it’s in. Work within your sphere of influence, and disdain straying outside of it. Possibly that sphere includes yourself only. Do not despair; holding yourself to a higher standard will likely attract others to your worldview in a short time. More likely, you have a family; they are included in your sphere, especially if you are a man. As a husband and father, you should be the undisputed leader of your household. Perhaps you are a natural leader with many people around you who value what you have to say. Don’t be afraid to use your ability to influence others; most people anywhere are sheep, needing and desiring to be led for their best interests. The problem arises when you begin to sacrifice principles in order to artificially increase your sphere of influence, a tried and true Leftist tactic. Recognize what you can control, and control it. Recognize what you cannot control, and leave it be. It really is that simple.

Step Four: Build

My apologies, I’ve somehow let this thing turn into a How To Fight Leftism 101 seminar. But the problem of agrarianism vs industrialism, tradition vs modernity is really the same as Rightism vs Leftism. The solution is the same in all cases: withdraw yourself and build anew. Now to the building part.

To rebuild, or reclaim, the established society (at least in the South) necessitates a return to agrarianism, I think. Obviously I don’t mean tear down all the factories and turn the South into a giant farm, although I do think factory building is ultimately harmful. You can be employed anywhere, really, and retain the agrarian mindset (some jobs make it harder). Remember, we’re taking baby steps: nurturing what’s left of the Southern identity so that it will still be alive when our great-grandchildren come along. Also, these are not short-term goals, any single one may take decades to accomplish. Be prudent, be patient.

Step Four Point One: Expand Your Sphere

If you’re single, get a family. If you are a man with a family, lead them, and work to become a leader in your community. If you are a follower, find a good leader who shares your worldview. If you’re a woman with a family, serve your husband dutifully, and use any influence you have with other women to encourage them to do the same.

Step Four Point Two: Find Your Roots

If you have ancestry in the South, I would recommend returning to the area they are from if you’ve left. For me, knowing that my great-great-great-grandfather is buried a scant few miles from my house fosters a nearly spiritual link with the land and the people. I really can’t imagine moving to another area permanently. Knowing that the people that surround you are your people is a feeling that you really can’t get anywhere else. Put aside petty quarrels with neighbors or family members that may make you hesitant to return. We’re working for our descendants here, and making their ancestral home a suburb of Fresno isn’t doing them any favors.

Step Four Point Three: Build a Dynasty

In established and agrarian societies, there is really no such thing as an individual. Everyone is a son, a brother, or a cousin; one’s identity is inherently wrapped up in the family’s. Foster this attitude within your sphere of influence, but especially within your family. I’ve not raised kids yet, so I’m not going to embarrass myself by going into detail here. Please consider it a humble suggestion.

Strong, rooted families are absolutely essential to the agrarian lifestyle. Each person is born to a station, a set of responsibilities that must be adhered to if the established society is to be maintained. Concepts of equality and fairness should be suppressed; they are soft mindsets, encouraging the working classes to sloth and the aristocracy to greed and meanness. Own your station in life and encourage others within your sphere to do the same. If you’re going to be a dirt farmer or factory worker, be the best one you can be and by doing so you are building an intangible monument to agrarian principles which you can pass to your children and their children.

Step Four Point Four: Be Established

The established society is the peaceful society. We can’t modify the current mess into an established society, we have to build it. Be peaceful. Work to earn the amount of money that corresponds with your station in life; no more, no less. Exerting yourself trying to “get above your raisin‘” is a manifestation of the pioneering spirit and is courting disaster. Go to church, plant a garden. Be respectful and forgiving. If you can follow no other step, follow this one, because this is really what it all boils down to. To preserve the agrarian ideal means to live it. Living it properly is really the best testimonial to our way of life that you can possibly give to the people around you.

Thanks for reading. I’ll leave off with a final quote from the great Rev. Robert Lewis Dabney:

“Hence it has usually been found, in the history of subjugated nations, that they receive at the hands of their conquerors this crowning woe – a depraved, cringing, and cowardly spirit. The wisest, kindest, most patriotic thing which any man can do for his country, amidst such calamities, is to aid in preserving and reinstating the tottering principles of his countrymen; to teach them, while they give place to inexorable force, to abate nothing of righteous convictions and of self-respect.”

For more information on the particulars of living the agrarian lifestyle: (h/t @rebelpapist)


6 thoughts on “Reviving Southern Agrarianism Pt. 2

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    • Thank you very much. Honestly, though, I’m sort of disappointed with how this post turned out. I wish I had spent a little more time on it. Thinking I may revisit it at some point in the near(ish) future.


  3. This is a viable train of thought. In South Africa, which I believe has an agrarian history as well in the white communities, which different to black sustenance farming, the agrarian mindset explains urban sprawl for example where farmers would also have town houses also supporting a cow and chickens on the stand/property. This was actually regulated in each town. Nowadays there is this drive to condense living spaces to make cities more “efficient”, but this affects agragrian outlook because it makes individuals dependent on others changing the individual grand style to a collective hodgepodge with a victim mentality. The meaning of efficiency should be re-constructed in order for the individual re-understand the context of sustainability, to include human honesty and truth, not some collective morality.

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