Redefining Secession

Many, if not most, politically- and history-conscious Southerners advocate for the immediate political secession of the South from the United States. Until relatively recently, I did too. The general idea is to reproduce the antebellum Republic by severing from USG and recreating a government based around early Constitutional principles and States’ Rights. These Southerners generally diagnose the problem as a Republican or mainstream conservative would, only with a slightly more nuanced view of history; to them, the political problems of today stem from a willful and malevolent corruption of the Constitution or the American Way (which is sacred and/or near-perfect) by Bad People, like Abraham Lincoln. Ideologically they remain on the battlefields of Manassas and Gettysburg, unable or unwilling to recognize that their enemies have long since occupied their backyard, impregnated the wife, burned down the barn and stolen all the silverware.

These Southerners make the same mistake Southerners have been making since 1776. They assume that to be Southern is simply part of the general American identity. In reality, the Southern and American worldviews are irreconcilably different and distinct, and to conflate the two is to contribute to the ongoing destruction of our thede. Everything which the “American ideal” – Americanism – has espoused, championed, and produced should be picked up and thoroughly examined for degenerative Leftist bacteria. Equality, “activism,” human rights, democracy, and unqualified freedom all need to be cut out in full to reconstruct a lasting traditional society.

To advocate for the immediate political secession of the South is to advocate for a half-measure, and a poor one at that. It is an appeal to the masses, and demonstrates an implicit belief and willingness to work within the American democratic system, a thing that has proven to be nothing short of the South’s sworn enemy. I’m not sure what can convince people that it is a pipe dream more than the last 150 years of US history, not to mention the decades of futile striving for relevance from Southern secessionists. They will always fail because their strategy is to keep out an enemy which now makes itself at home in nearly every corner of the South. They want to secede politically, or apply a government solution, to “fix” the progressivism infesting the contemporary South, a social problem. What is needed is a social solution, which begins with a correct and accurate diagnosis of the problem: Americanism.

Americanism is inherently populist, egalitarian, imperialistic, progressive, ultracapitalist, poisonous. It has spread to all corners of the world, wreaking havoc from Europe to Japan to India to Iraq to Hawaii, attacking traditional ways of life, demanding a lockstep conformity and a McDonalds on every corner. Americanism is not simply political; it seeks to conquer “hearts and minds,” to root out and crush all forms of spiritual dissent. The South has been stewing in this noxious brew since 1865, especially despised and targeted because we were among the first to openly defy the self-ordained, self-righteous prophets of the American worldview.

The rift is not simply between the South and some small collection of Bad People; not between the South and Washington D.C.; not between the South and the Constitution. The rift is between the South and America. And the rift is being closed at a startling rate. The South is today infected with Americanism to the bone; her people have accepted and fawn over the lies of rights without responsibilities, of multiculturalism, of unrestrained freedom from God’s Law. Political secession is a pipe dream because of this infection, and spending one’s life advocating for it is counterproductive and wasteful. Even if the Southern states seceded tomorrow, the disease would remain and would soon pervert any efforts to govern ourselves effectively.

Southern secessionists have numbers, and resources. But they will continue to spin their wheels unless they redefine secession to mean the purging of Americanism in not only its political but its mental and spiritual manifestations. To do this the South needs real leaders, Rightist, aristocratic leadership, not populist demagogues. Holding protests and demonstrations and appealing to the will of “the People” is what created this mess we are in in the first place. Huey Long already came and went, achieving nothing but pushing us towards socialism. Rebuilding the South can only be achieved by eliminating the Leftist elements which have infiltrated our society, first by force and then by misguided will, since 1865. This can’t be done with a mass movement, or mob of activists. It can only be done by reconstituting a Southern aristocracy and taking back possession of our society by force.

The problem, in short, is not simply democracy, or populism, or equality, or modernity, although these are all symptoms. The problem is Americanism in its entirety, and it must be rejected fully and outright if we want to salvage our Southern worldview and way of life. We should stop considering ourselves American in the least, because we are not and never really have been no matter what document our forefathers happened to sign. We are Southerners first and last, we are distinct, we are anti-American; or rather, to be American is to be anti-Southern. To my Southern secessionist brethren: by all means, continue to push for secession, but a spiritual secession must come before a political secession will have a chance of being a lasting success.


11 thoughts on “Redefining Secession

  1. I fully endorse the idea that Americanism is the problem and must be rooted out entirely. But no one has put forth a way of achieving this in the current system. A true revolutionary movement might achieve that but there isn’t support for a revolution now. Until there is a major change in our societal situation I am unsure of what we can do but chip away at Americanism while promoting SN and self-determination.

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    • Agreed on all points. That’s why I am proposing a perhaps radical redirection of efforts away from Constitutionalism, populism, “promoting” etc. The South today is shot through with Americanism – I want to see us secede spiritually, completely, to rebuild a society based in Southern, non-American ideals. This requires reconstituting an aristocracy which will then “guide” the masses through force and leadership. Move away from protests to targeted recruiting of influential figures. Carve out a large piece of the alt-education pie to breed aristocratic leaders. Establish churches based in old-time Southern, and Rightist principles. I think religion and education are the keys.
      It may be a long shot, but desperate times. I think just about anything would be better than the tire-spinning that’s been going on since the 60s.


    • Thank you sir, and I like that idea as well. Some kind of headway *must* be made in the Church, preferably sooner rather than later. Maybe create an association of some type which churches could join, and not have to renounce their denomination? These churches could then become part of an active network, overseen by a small group of Southern theologians which directed efforts to move away from modern progressivism Christianity. Just spitballing, there are a bunch of different tacks which could be tried. I definitely think education and religion are the two keys to building something real, and lasting.

      My next post will hopefully make my position on what I’d like to accomplish and some potential strategies more clear.


      • I too would love to see a Southern National Church. I don’t know how it would work though because of the split between low and high church people. I would favour a very high church approach that kept the Anglican traditions. But I know that many of my Presbyterian and Baptist friends would likely not go for such a proposal.

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  2. Sir, I fully agree with your premise that Americanism is the root of the problem and must be rooted out before any hope of a southern society can be successfully recreated. However, I believe that all ties from the United States must be severed first through secession before we have any hope of driving out the “Americanism” that is infecting our dear South. I feel the federal government takes great pleasure in rubbing the South’s nose in the cultural filth of our modern society, ie. sodomite marriage, abortion etc. and would never allow the expunging of Americanism like it must be expunged. Thank you for your article, Good day to you


    • A cultural and moral secession requires an economic secession. In Andrew Lytle’s “The Hind Tit,” he points out the link between Yankee consumerism and the erosion of Southern identity. So long as we buy their garbage, we are indoctrinated in their ideas. Media is simply the most obvious. The consumer lifestyle itself is an indoctrination in Yankeeism, as it draws us into the destructive schizophrenic life of credit debt, materialism, and the artificial need epitomized by “keeping up with the Jones”.

      If you look at the law from Wickard v. Filburn to Obamacare’s mandate, you see the essence of their strategy. Defection will not be tolerated. We will be forced to buy from them, and therefore be forced to assimilate. I think a strategy for Southern identity must contain a constitutional aspect, at least as a forward guard position, to protect the real work of a cultural rejuvenation in its infancy. The Yankee will never allow a Southern renaissance, so I have no problem letting Yankee conservatives fight our legal battles in the name of American constitutionalism.


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  4. Sir,
    A very interesting article, and very astute – incidentally I concur entirely with your prognosis. Before continuing I must lay my cards on the table, I’m a European, though a European who’s hugely sympathetic to the Southern cause.

    While the South obviously needs to build appropriate political and cultural bodies, the struggle needs to be engaged on many levels. Where natural Southern culture is at its strongest close social structures are typically witnessed – these of themselves are anti-American since the machine is geared heavily towards atomisation and seeks to destroy social structures. Therefore the very act of holding something as mundane as meals or barbecues with groups of friends and family is subversive in itself while strengthening Southern social bonding. Its low tech, local and effective and also runs contrary to Americanism’s grim urban paradigms. I would urge Southerners to consider this simple step and how they can expand their social circles and engage in Southern social norms not through dry lectures but actual social events – as the old saying goes, from little acorns mighty oaks do grow.

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    • We need to have formal balls, just like the old days. Everyone dresses up. The young people can have fun but be adequately chaperoned at the same time. The gentlemen can sneak off for cigars and brandy (or bourbon) for a bit while the ladies talk. Manners are observed. The elegant dances of the past can be taught and perserved. I can’t think of a single event that could help to better promote the essence of Southern culture as a formal ball.


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