Leftism is a parasite which feeds on Rightism, with the misplaced goal of eventually killing it. But Leftism cannot survive on its own because it is essentially antisocial, and a society obviously cannot exist without social beings, links, and constructs. This is why the West is experiencing the current upheaval; the social bonds are disintegrating as the host body succumbs to the parasite. Unfortunately, one of the most essential social bonds for maintaining civilization has also been among the most heavily damaged, perhaps irreparably in the US: the conscious connection between the individual and the ethno-cultural thede. [Note- Whenever I mention ‘thede’ in this post, I’m referring to the ethno-cultural type.]

Do these thedes even exist among whites in the US today? We can name a few, at least, depending on the definition: Southerners and Mormons appear to be the two most distinct. But for the vast majority of white Americans, the only thede they might claim would be American: nebulous, to say the least, in today’s climate. It clearly doesn’t have much longer left as a viable entity, as virtually anyone who sets foot on US soil, regardless of ethno-cultural background, gains admission to the club. Y’all know I can’t resist a quote; I’ll reuse this one from Southerner John Crowe Ransom, from 1930:

“Deracination in our Western life is the strange discipline which individuals turn upon themselves, enticed by the blandishments of such fine words as Progressive, Liberal, and Forward-looking. The progressivist says in effect: Do not allow yourself to feel homesick; form no such powerful attachments that you will feel a pain in cutting them loose; prepare your spirit to be always on the move.”

What happens when huge numbers of people are quite suddenly severed from all sense of thede? We’re witnessing it today, and it will only get worse. Individualism is, well, rampant doesn’t quite capture it. The Leftist society has not only crushed the concept of thede among whites, but has effectively planted an anti-thede, anti-heritage mindset which has surely only just begun its destructive course. The modern man thinks, “I don’t want a role, I want freedom. I don’t want anyone telling me how to believe. I don’t want anyone telling me how to live my life. I want to be free in all things.” And what’s worse – he thinks he came up with this mindset on his own.

The problem is the removal of the thede (including but not limited to its religious connotations) basically leaves it up to the individual to do an enormous amount of conscious or subconscious philosophizing and theorizing to answer all of life’s big questions alone, from “How do I act in this situation?” to “Why am I alive?” Little wonder people cannot simply live their lives in contentment; no one has any idea what they are doing here. Yes, we can read the works of Moses, St. Augustine, Marcus Aurelius, but their contributions to civilization have been stolen from hundreds of millions of people. No longer can the common person rely on the titans of Western Civilization to do the heavy thinking for him – Leftism forces him to do it himself. Of course, unable to tackle these questions satisfactorily, and lacking any sort of role in life, most turn to despondency, drugs, meaningless sex, and 24/7 soma intake via mass media, merely passing the time until death, humpday the most significant ritual in which they’ll participate.

Some will say – do not worry. The thede-less will undoubtedly form brand new thedes in time, specially tailored to the modern environment they inhabit. Which is no doubt true, but at what cost? Thousands of years of work, of construction in the fullest and best sense, will have been utterly destroyed, only a shadow of a husk surviving. St. Augustine replaced by Steve Jobs, Moses by Zuckerberg. The death and dismemberment of the Western Civilization superthede is happening now, in real time; much has already been lost.

Many reading this are no doubt victims of the war on the thede. Your parents or grandparents, tempted and pushed and coerced, abandoned their traditional thede for the trappings of modernity with the best of intentions. As a result, you were born as an individual only, growing into a lonely consumer with a TV, token political power, and not much else. I can only urge you to recover what you can from your lost heritage and pass it to your progeny.

Luckily there are traditional ethno-cultural thedes left. They are weakened, shrunken, relegated to the margins, but they exist, and I think there’s some fight left in them. The one I was born into is the subject of this blog, and I mean to do what little I can to ensure its survival. For my fellow Southerners, I ask you not to abandon our thede, both for my children’s sake and yours. A break in the continuum is irreparable, a catastrophe for your bloodline and heritage whose effects will likely be felt for generations. It takes dedication to maintain a civilization; display it with a manly vigor and pass it to your children and you will have achieved far more than most today could hope to.


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