A Brief Articulation of My Worldview

Something is wrong with everything.

This is a feeling that is common, indeed nearly universal, in the Occident. It’s usually expressed nonchalantly, in statements like, “What is wrong with kids nowadays?” or “I don’t know what this world is coming to.” A favorite saying back home is “The world is going to hell in a handbasket.” The person making the statement, after perhaps a moment of reflection, usually shakes his or her head and goes on about their day. Gotta see what the Kardashians are up to, after all.

There are essentially two paths that can be chosen in life. These paths are open to all people, everywhere, regardless of race, gender, language, or social standing. You could say that this choice is the only genuine human right. On one hand, say, the Left one, there is a path that looks inviting. Low-hanging fruit abounds, the road is crisp and smooth. It’s downhill as far as you can see. You see nearly all of your friends and family on the path. Not only that, but the world you grew up in has been telling you since day one that this is the Correct and Good path.

On the Right, there is another road. It is dark and gloomy. The road is ancient and hasn’t been maintained well. Weeds and briars jut up through the stones, ruts and sharp rocks litter the way. The crowd here is sparse, and the few people you see look to be pretty marginal characters.

Except this analogy isn’t quite right. In reality, in modern times, you’ll likely find yourself pretty far down the Left road before you are even aware the Right one exists. You like the Left road. It’s safe and comfortable, and you have no real incentive to stray from it. But something feels…off. The road isn’t quite as well-maintained as it appeared before. The crowd surrounding you is getting restless. No one likes where they’re headed. Groups with names like Anarchists, Libertarians, and Socialists go around trying to convince everyone to let them guide the group to the Promised Land. You’re disoriented and confused, and start feeling like the world IS going to hell in a handbasket. Almost by chance, you look over at the Right road, and…

Well, those of us on the Right know what happens next. We’ve jumped ship, forsaken the temporary milk and honey of the Left road for the trials and lasting rewards of the Right one. You see, unlike the down-slope of the Left road, the Right one is on an incline, and at the end stands God Himself. The farther up the hill we go, the closer we are to God. It is difficult and trying, but necessary for real transcendence above the human condition. But if at any time you stop, satisfied with your progress, you begin sliding downhill again.

Prior to Genesis Chapter 3, there was no Left road at all. Satan was the first Leftist, Eve the first Feminist, and Cain the first Progressive. Of course, our ancient ancestors were wise. They developed traditions, social institutions and cultural prejudices which insulated their societies and nations from these most ancient and powerful evils. The peoples which possessed the perseverance and discipline to adhere to these traditions most strongly were blessed with millennia of life. Those which didn’t were consumed, scattered, relegated to history books as lessons to others.

If we haven’t reached it already, Western Civilization is nearing the point of no return. Once the flagship of the human race, guided by God’s grace, we built magnificent cities, advanced human knowledge incomparably, and conquered the globe, giving primitives the gift of civilization and elevating the human condition. But we are finally succumbing to the forces of Leftism. It has made us ashamed of our achievements and reduced us to mere beggars, asking sadists for the right to continue to live how we wish, always being denied. We have declared war on the very things which gave us everything we have, namely God and the traditions which were designed to serve His will. Today, we slaughter unborn innocents wholesale, while placing damaged lifestyles on pedestals for the legions of normals to worship. We not only allow but encourage the displacement of our people by other tribes which hate us. Our merchant class is so overwhelmed by greed that they risk the impoverishment of the entire world just to make a few extra dollars. Our countries are divided by so many competing interests that they are impossible to govern well. Men with no direction in life drown themselves in video games, drugs, and loose women. Women have declared war on men, blacks on whites, degenerates on normals, and incompetents on the able. Our society is tearing itself apart.

Our problems have one root cause, and there is only one solution. The disease is Leftism, the cure Rightism. Rightism is not a political “movement,” activism, or begging for handouts. Rightism is a worldview, and must be applied to all facets of life in order to be most effective. Rightism is construction, Leftism destruction. Rightism is building bridges for your children, Leftism is killing them. Rightism is discipline, order, and stability; Leftism is chaos and war. Rightism is going uphill on a strenuous, rocky road and reaping the intangible benefits therein. Leftism is comfortable, soft, easy. Rightism is Godliness, Leftism is Sin, and the wages for sin is death.

So where does the South fit in to all of this? As I see it, the American South is among the last bastions of Rightism in the Occident. I feel this tribe, or thede, is quite exceptional and uniquely situated to effect large-scale change in American society today. Therefore, whatever I can do to perpetuate the traditional Southern way of life I will do. It is the best thing for my people, because the traditional Southern way of life is inherently Rightist. Ultimately, however, the South and Southern culture are but vehicles which we can use to transcend the human condition and realize what small portion of God’s grace we may during our time on Earth.


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