Introduction/My Vision

First thing’s first: I have no idea what I’m doing. I was born into a middle class family in a rural area. I have no education outside of high school and I’m not particularly bright. I haven’t written anything substantive since high school. I’ve always read voraciously, but only recently found the right books. I only figured out how Twitter works in the last couple months. I imagine it will take me awhile to figure out this blog thing. In short, I’m behind the power curve.

However, since I’ve come around to Far Right, I’ve noticed a pretty glaring omission: a place for explicitly Southern traditionalist/reactionary expression. Oh, there are a good many Southerners on the Far Right, probably more than our fair share. But they are scattered, some in the ethnonationalist camp, some in the traditional Christian camp, some in the Southern nationalist camp. Almost as if we’re a farm team, constantly sending players to different Big League teams but never having one of our own. I think it’s high time we built one, in true Rightist fashion.

So this is my humble attempt to contribute. The end-state is, of course, the retaking of our society and the preservation of our thede, but I have no grand illusions. I’m not sure in the least that we even have the slightest hope of succeeding in our struggle. But, like our Confederate ancestors, we are all obligated to God and duty regardless of the prospects for success. It is my intention to fulfill this obligation to the best of my ability.

“It is out of fashion in these days to look backward rather than forward. About the only American given to it is some unreconstructed Southerner, who persists in his regard for a certain terrain, a certain history, and a certain inherited way of living. He is punished as his crime deserves.” – John Crowe Ransom


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