Pitchfork Ben, Meet the Memory Hole

The Diversity War Machine continues its campaign through the ruins of Western civilization. Today it can be found in Clemson, South Carolina, laying siege to beloved Tillman Hall. The defenders, in high spirits and confident of victory, are following the script to a tee: they are organizing a protest to save the name.

But first, just a bit of background information: “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman, 1847-1918 was a fiery Governor of South Carolina and United States Senator. In 1876, prior to election to public office, he led a group of Red Shirts in the violent campaign to rid South Carolina of the scourge of Reconstruction. Blacks and whites alike were killed, some surely murdered on both sides. My aim isn’t to detail the history; if interested, you can find more information elsewhere. But for goodness’ sake don’t read Foner.

Anyway, Tillman’s sin is clear: he was a white supremacist. Of course he was a white supremacist! So was Thomas Green Clemson, for that matter. So was every other white man on the planet then that didn’t have serious mental-emotional deficiencies. That scoundrel probably believed in God, and supported the patriarchy too! Luckily for current Clemson students, Tillman succeeded. If he hadn’t, South Carolina would likely be a proud, vibrant member of the Third World today. Here’s an idea: let’s get rid of everything that white supremacists ever invented. Please pass me the chopsticks. And the, uh, peanut oil?

But I digress. The vibrant, diverse crowd at Clemson quite suddenly wants to change the name of Tillman Hall. I’m not sure what’s changed, after all these HIGHLY EDUCATED people PRESUMABLY know enough cursory local history to know of the exploits of Pitchfork Ben without having to be told, and they’ve been walking past the place for years. It’s almost as if the name of the place never had any effect on anybody for decades… naahhh. Anyway, as I said, well-meaning (white) Clemson students are organizing a protest to protect the name of Tillman Hall. Can you blame them? They’ve been taught since day one that that’s the way you go about things. When there’s a disagreement, and you find yourself on a side, you get to experience the ritual of Demonstration. You can come up with a cool hashtag, make some snazzy signs, and hang out on the street for a couple hours feeling pretty righteous. After you lose, you pat yourself on the back; at least you did the right thing, fought the good fight. After all, you live in crazy times. You’ll get a Republican president in there in a couple years and everything will change.

Of course, this is all as the Powers That Be would have it. All the people that oppose their short-term goals feel like they’ve done something, tiding them over nicely for another decade or five of ingesting soma from a firehose. And of course the Agenda carries merrily on. Another white historical figure, Tillman in this case, finds himself in the memory hole. Here’s a tip: it’s not going to stop. You think the name of the University is off limits? Thomas Green Clemson was a slaveholder and Confederate soldier. His name must be stricken from the record. You think the name of the state is off-limits? King Charles I, the namesake of the Carolinas, allowed African slavery to be introduced to English New World colonies. You want to live in a state named after a racist?!

Such is Leftism. It doesn’t stop; it never does. It’s not limited to names of stuff. One moment you support a couple mild human rights to help out the huddled masses, the next you find yourself surrounded by rainbow-haired shemales married to Hello Kitty lampposts. The next you find the State coming after you because you dare to be a heterosexual white male married to a white woman. A Progressive with a vision for Utopia would necessarily morph into a Conservative once that Utopia is realized; Leftism is there to ensure that metamorphosis will never happen.

So, Southern white males, what can we do about this? There is only one answer, or none at all. That answer is to amputate the limb, cutting Leftism off from its source of food. It is a parasitical virus, it cannot survive on its own. It can only survive so long as it can dupe people into working for it and its adherents. People are waking up, mostly thanks to absurdities like the attack on Tillman Hall. But can we turn the tide in time?


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